Dublin Marathon 2016 Break 3 or Bust Blog

Quiet month training, a lot of preparation.

In other words, I did feck all training this month, just enough to keep tipping over. I did start a summer league with the local club with a 1 mile race which I completed in 5.23 which leads me to admire Sir Roger Bannister even more. No harm to have a rest as I found out by going to a running info night held by local runner Kevin Murphy. I found out about VO2 rates, aerobic, anaerobic and speed work and about building performance over time. To be honest, ignorance was bliss before this night as I never really wanted to know how off I was with my training. By chance, the football I play does act as speed training, kind of.

Kevin spoke of mixed blend training, mixing up all different kinds of running, doing hills, slow long runs, runs where you are able answer a question but not talk and speed work, running short distances many times no longer than 4 miles. It made sense what he said, that when running at a certain pace for say 3 weeks your body’s performance will plateaux. Thus to improve your performance and efficiency as a runner you need to mix up the training and push it beyond the current limits, thus raising the bar.If you want to train for a 10KM, make sure your aerobic training is 1 and half times that distance, ie 15KM.

He explained that your 10KM pace can be used to decide your training pace. For example, for anaerobic training, to build your lactic threshold, the rate at which lactic acid accumulates in the blood, you should run 10-15 seconds off your 10KM pace.  Lactic acid is a protective substance to prevent the muscles from damage, in cases where the body is pushed past it’s limits the lactic acid will limit the movement of the muscles as I experienced hitting the wall in my first marathon.

A lot to take in and fairly technical but if it is something that will help then it’s all good. There’s a 10KM in a couple of weeks, I’d like to improve my time there and so will get to work over the next 2 weeks with for once, a proper training plan.

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